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Some By Mi

Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Travel Kit

Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Travel Kit

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Introducing Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Travel Kit, the perfect skincare solution for those on the move. This comprehensive kit contains mini-sized versions of our bestselling products, allowing you to experience the transformative power of our Miracle line wherever you go. 

Start your skincare routine with the Miracle Toner, formulated with 10,000 ppm of Tea Tree leaf water and AHA ∙ BHA ∙ PHA. This gentle yet effective toner helps to cleanse away impurities, unclog pores, and promote a clearer, more radiant complexion.

Follow up with the Miracle Serum, enriched with Tea Tree leaf water and Centella Asiatica Extract. This soothing serum calms irritated skin, reduces redness, and helps to restore the skin's natural balance, leaving you with a healthier, more youthful-looking complexion.

Complete your regimen with the Miracle Cream, featuring 70% Centella Asiatica Extract and 4-CICA care. This luxurious cream strengthens the skin barrier, provides intense hydration, and helps to improve the overall texture and tone of your skin. Discover Some By Mi products and more at Blossox.

Whether you're a first-time user looking to try out our products or a seasoned skincare enthusiast in need of travel-friendly options, the Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Travel Kit has you covered. Experience the miracle of clearer, healthier skin wherever life takes you.

Discover more about our products and join our skincare journey at Blossox.com. For exclusive insights and updates, follow us on Instagram @blossox.co.

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