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Tropical Coconut Body Scrub

Tropical Coconut Body Scrub

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We have created a truly unique, sweet-smelling collection of natural sugar & salt body scrubs! And we added a pinch of love to them - you will find a secret wish for mood on each tin!

The unique consistency of the scrub, similar to jelly, is very convenient to use. The scrub contains a combination of ingredients of different sizes and hardness that provides perfect scrubbing. Exotic scrubbing particles: strawberry, raspberry, cherry pits, orange and lemon peel, coconut shell, freeze-dried berries and superfoods! Delight for the skin! 

The combination of vegetable emulsifier and surfactant creates a pleasant milky foam when rinsed off, leaving the skin clean, smooth and silky. Food fragrance creates mind-blowing aroma, making you want to taste the scrub. Choose a scrub according to your personal taste preferences, but also mind the scrubbing intensity of each.

Tropical collection Coconut Scrubbing Intensity: medium. Suitable for daily use and skin care between depilations.

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